FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to thoroughly go through the user manual before use of BT Machinery.

Do I need an account to buy oil press equipment on this webshop?

  • No, you do not need an account. However, if you want to buy frequently, then it may be better to have an account, as it saves your order history and your company and address data, for faster ordering.
  • If you want an account – please contact us.

About our BT Oil Press

What kind of seeds can be pressed?

  • Our Oil Press can be used with – Rapeseed (Canola), mustard, jathropa, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed, sunflower, grape seed, black seed, chia seed, hemp seed, castor beans, piteba, cotton seed, linseed, safflower and many more similar seeds.

corn - seeds

Can your machines be used for pressing nuts?

  • Yes, some of our costumers succesfully press Macadamia nuts, Cashew nuts and Peanuts (groundnuts).

Are BT Oil Presses a Cold Press Machine?

  • Yes – All our models are cold press machines. Press temperature is below 60 degrees Celsius.

Can I press algae with the BT oil press?

  • In theory this is possible, when the algae contain more than 15% oil and approximately 7-9% moisture. It has not been tested by BT Oil Press.

Do i need preheating the seeds before pressing?

  • Often, but not always. The prehaeting treatment is often used for drying and adjusting the humidity and the temperature of the seeds. This treatment will often give a higher yield of oil.

Do I need to peel of the seed shell?

  • You do not need to peel of the shell on small seeds, or soft seeds. However when pressing bigger seeds with a hard shell, then you may need to remove it before pressing. Example, sunflower seeds has to be peeled before pressing. This will both reduce the wear of the machinery, and give a higher yield.

What are the recommended oil, and water content?

  • It is recommended that the oil content is above 15% in the selected seeds or nuts. It is recommended that the water content is between 7-9%.

Is there a warranty on the BT products?

  • There is a 1 year warranty on the BT products (wear and tear excluded). See more in our conditions and terms.

Why is there no oil production from the seed?

  • The seed is too dry.
  • The seed is too wet.
  • The oil content is lower than 15%.
  • The press nozzle, or the seeds is preheated insufficiently.

Which press cake are suitable for animal feeding?

  • According the law of animal foods in Germany, the following press cake are suitable for animal feeding: Rape seed, flax, sunflower and safflower. The advantage af rape seed cake compared to soya meal as an animal fodder are an increased meat quality by pigs and a higher milk quality and quantity by cows.

Can I buy a BT Oil Press without a motor?

  • No.

Can i buy a Type 30 Oil Press?

  • No. Our Type 30 has gone out of production. You can hovewer still buy spareparts to Type 30.

I do not get enough out of my seeds?

  • There is too little water in the seeds (too dry), or there is too much water. The recommended water content is between 7-9%.
  • There is not enough oil in the seeds. It is recommended not to press seeds with less than 15% oil.
  • There is too much dirt etc. between seeds. It is recommended to clean seeds from dirt before reaching the oil press.

How do I filter the oil I pressed?

  • First, you need to settle the oil. Afterwards you can filter the oil for further purifiying. We do only sell settling Units.

Do BT have a partner or retailer in my Country?

Can I use other electric sources, maybe 220 Volt?

  • If you need to run on anything else than 3 Phase x 400V – 50 HZ, then you need an inverter. We can supply this – you can order it here on our webshop.

What does the color mean on the electric wires?

We use the Danish and European standarts – (see picture below), Brown=Phase 1, Black=Phase 2, Grey=Phase 3, Blue=Zero, Yellow/green=Earth.

Electric Cables doc


About Settling & Filtering

How do i settle the oil?

  • You can use our settling unit w/3 tanks and submersible pump or vacuum pump.

How do i filter the oil?

  • You can use “Settling bag filters” or “Cartridge filters” for a more pure result.

Do BT Maskinteknik sell filters?

  • No, we do not sell filters. We do only manufacture and sell settling units.

I want to know more about filtering the oil?

  • Filtering of oil can be done in different ways depending on the cleanliness of oil desired as the final product. >> You can read more about oil filtering here.

Food Grade Machines

  • Note: If the machines are to be used for food production, please let us know before ordering.

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