BT Oil Press Machines

Benefits of BT oil presses:

  • BT´s Oil presses are best in Farmtests
  • Maximum use of your seeds – high oil yield
  • Economical operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Durable and solid pellets stock
  • Quality coldpressed cooking oil

With a BT oil press you can press rapeseed (canola), sunflower, almond, apricot kernels, linseed, jatropa, mustard, soy beans, macademia nuts, Cashew nuts, peanuts and many more. See our Oil Presses here.

Seed Cleaner Units

Our Cleaning equipment consists of independent units that can be used to clean seeds and other types of crops. Therefore, you can use them in combination with a pressing unit or only as a pure cleaning unit.

Settling & Filters

We produce a highly effective settling units and filter presses etc. Filtering of oil can be done in different ways depending on the cleanliness of oil desired as the final product. The most common filtering methods are; settling tanks, settling bag filters, cartridge filters, filter press.

Slow Juicer

With our new Biopresser Slowjuicer, you can also press carrots, garlic and many other fruits and vegetables. BT Slow Juicer is a Professional slow juicer designet for commercial juice manufacturers. See our Slow Juicer here!

BT – Always Quality Products

We strive to provide quality products with very high finish and short delivery times. Along with other niche products, we produce and sell; oil presses, seed cleaner units, slow juicers, oil settling units, cartridge filters and much more.

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