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EU V.A.T Number DK29831734

1. Terms and conditions

1. Use The following terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and deliveries to the extent that they are not waived by any written agreement between the parties.

2. Offers / order confirmation

2.1 When making an order on You will automatically recieve order confirmation when payment is made. We will then begin producing your order. Note! For Cleaner units and/or Oil Presses – the production time is often about 4-6 weeks.

2.2 Any other offer made subject to prior sale. BT Maskinteknik ApS’s offer is binding for 30 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.3 Offers and agreed price / discount is conditional upon timely payment of the goods. In case of default of payment withdraws offer and agreed price, and then the list prices that are valid and demand as well. Agreement on the final delivery is available only when buyer has received written confirmation from BT Maskinteknik ApS and only this is binding.

2.4 Buyer are referred to manuals, brochures and other information provided with the product or obtain necessary information on the scope and proper method of use of the item purchased. BT Maskinteknik ApS accepts no responsibility for the content of catalogs, brochures and other information, including electronic information of any kind from our suppliers.

3. Terms & conditions

3.1 The basis of our sales in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland NLM 94 and NL 92 in force in so far as the conditions are not waived in below.

3.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the goods are sold ex-works (EX-Works), and applicable Incoterms 1990.

3.3 Delivery time is counted from the date of BT Maskinteknik ApS ‘written order confirmation, provided that all the technical details and formalities for execution of the order at that date. Is that agreed confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit or other payment security, this also be available. Otherwise, the delivery time is counted from the date on which all conditions have been completed.

3.4 If the Buyer fails to receive the supplies on the agreed date, he shall nevertheless be obliged to pay any payments conditional, as if delivery had taken place. In addition, BT Maskinteknik ApS cancel the agreement and buyer demand compensation for damage suffered by BT Maskinteknik ApS at buyer’s negligence.

3.5 If delay in delivery is due to war, strike, lockout, other acts of God or political or medical conditions, and lack of subcontracting, materials and supplies, as BT Maskinteknik ApS’s control, or the buyer’s act or omission, delivery time is extended accordingly. BT Maskinteknik ApS does in these situations no liability to the buyer. If the buyer does not comply with the agreed terms of payment while, BT Maskinteknik ApS no obligation to deliver.

3.6 There will be no compensation for delays in delivery, and the buyer is not entitled to cancel the contract for this reason. When goods will be packed by BT Maskinteknik ApS ‘estimates, the costs of which are paid by the buyer, if the packaging is not explicitly included in the price.

3.7 Shipping is always at the buyer’s risk and responsibility, also by carriage paid, and recipient is solely responsible for ensuring that the necessary transport insurance is taken out, unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing.

4. Prices & Delivery

4.1 Prices are as shown in BT Maskinteknik ApS’s then-current price list or sent order confirmation.

4.2 Delivery from BT Maskinteknik ApS’s stock, unless otherwise agreed. Oil Presses and/or Cleaner units has a running production time of 4-6 weeks from order is recieved. Orders on stock will normally be sent within 2-4 days after recieving order.

4.3 Delivery time is different upon where the order should be shipped – Deliverytimes are therefor from 4-6 days in Denmark to 6-20 days for Europe, and 25-45 days for the rest of the world, after order is finished (in this is not accounted for the production time).

4.4 All prices are current prices in the specified currency. All product prices are exclusive of shipping, packaging, taxes and duties. Shipping will automatically be calculated upon what you order – and payed along with your order.

4.5 BT Maskinteknik ApS is entitled to make changes to prices in the event of changes in material inputs, commodity prices, exchange rates or other circumstances beyond BT Maskinteknik ApS’s control including duties, freight and insurance charges etc.

4.6 There will be no posibilities for pick-up. BT Maskinteknik will always arrange shipping by GLS and PosNord for small packages, and by Freja Transport for large orders.

5. Payment

5.1 Payment is taken at the point of checkout via Stripe for most credit, debit cards. This i sthe fastes way – we will begin production/ – and if on stock shipping your order within 2-4 workdays.

5.2 Bank transfer is available – Terms of payment: Net 8 days from order date. When paying by bank transfer, please state order ID. NOTE! Interest will be charged on overdue payment pursuant to applicable law. Order will not be validated, and production will not begin until payment is made. If not payed within 15 days – your order will be cancelled.

5.3 Any bank chargers incurred via bank transfers are the responsibility of the buyer.

5.4 Failure to pay – If there is no cover on your creditcard or you do not complete the purchase – then the item/order will not be shipped and the purchase will be canceled.

5.5 If other payments are agreed – The buyer is not entitled to withhold payment due. Possible counterclaims, as BT Maskinteknik ApS not recognized. When paying later than the agreed payment term interest rates currently charged 1.5% per month at the beginning of each month.

6. Orders and VAT

6.1 For Danish customers, they will pay Danish V.A.T

6.2 EU Customers need to have entered thier EU V.A.T number in their account before placing an Order or Danish V.A.T will be charged and not refunded.

6.3 For International Orders Customers – they will be exempt from paying Danish V.A.T, as long as the Order is shipped directly to the Customers International address.

7. Ownership

7.1 The ownership of the delivered products remain at BT Maskinteknik ApS as long as the delivery is not paid, or the trade agreement is not met (only if agreed other payment methods than on this webshop). The buyer is obliged to insure the order to the full replacement value from the date of delivery until full payment has been made

8. Warranty, Liability for defects / loss

8.1 BT Maskinteknik ApS offer for all deliveries remedy for a period of twelve consecutive months from the date of delivery provided normal use (one year warranty).

8.2 The purchaser is obliged to respect and recognize BT Maskinteknik ApS remedy. BT Maskinteknik ApS’s corrective action for defects / nor losses, which are provided by the buyer, or a design prescribed by this or specified by the.

8.3 BT Maskinteknik ApS’s remedy is limited to defects, which have arisen under the Agreement intended working conditions and the proper application of the material.

8.4 This liability does not cover defects caused by occurrences after the risk has passed to the Buyer.

8.5 This liability does not, for example defects due to faulty maintenance, incorrect installation by the buyer changes made without BT Maskinteknik ApS’s written consent or repairs that the buyer has performed incorrectly.

8.6 Finally, the repair is not normal wear and deterioration, and breach of contract and misuse of the equipment. In no case is BT Maskinteknik ApS be liable for loss of profits or other consequential economic loss. Remedy Court for delivery lapse of ownership. Portions of delivery, which is not made by BT Maskinteknik ApS., replaced only to the same extent as BT Maskinteknik ApS is compensated by the subcontractor.

9. Mounting

9.1 Installation is not included in BT Maskinteknik ApS’s offer, unless explicitly stated.

10. Returns and returnable packaging

10.1 Items cannot be returned. If, despite the foregoing, is agreed that BT Maskinteknik ApS take back items, the goods must be unused, free of defects, and in original packaging.

10.2 Items that are custom made and / or purchased for the buyer received never return. Approved returned items credited, minus the BT Maskinteknik ApS prescribed fee to cover return and selling costs.

10.3 Returnable packaging credited by carriage paid in good condition within 3 months. BT Maskinteknik ApS’s delivery. Credit will be made by deduction to cover wear, handling and shipping.

11. Drawings and descriptions

11.1 All particulars of weights, dimensions, capacity, technical and other data stated in catalogs, prospectuses, circulars, advertisements, photos, measure sketches and price lists are approximate and not binding. BT Maskinteknik ApS reserves by executing the order right to make any changes that BT Maskinteknik ApS deemed technically necessary.

12. Arbitration Clause

12.1 All disputes between the parties arising in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration in Aalborg in accordance with the arbitration law applicable rules and Danish law.


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